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"Unfinished Business" audiophile LP was released on July 27, 2018.  It can be purchased at

Only 230 total will be available to the public,,,  get yours today!!

Update 07.14.17 - We will be a few tunes releasing 3 tunes for radio and publicity purposes in late August and will post them on YouTube as well.  The full album & CD will be released in 2018.  Sorry for the delay, but this stuff takes time.. and timing ;-)

2018 release window. Limited vinyl will be released, CDs with bonus tunes, and of course downloads from Apple, etc.

If someone had asked us 30 years ago if AOA was going to get back together, the answer would have been "we highly doubt it". Never say never.  One simply can't predict what the future will hold.  Life altering events occur that give cause for retrospection which, in this case, reaped a conclusion there was some Unfinished Business - which has become the title of our project.  

We have lost three of our original cast characters to date, those being Ty Von Jenef, Ian Burgess, and Doug Buethe. May they rest in peace.  

This site will start out as a window into the past with a bunch of pictures we are certain few have seen that will give you a glimpse of some wonderful times we shared.  However, it will morph into a current affairs site as we get rev'd up to do our thing again. We are very excited at the prospects of performing live again. We are currently in the "studios" producing Unfinished Business and hope to have it ready by Fall '16.  Please visit the Tunes page and check out the first "taste" which we hope will leave you wanting more. Also, check out our YouTube Channel for videos of the old stuff.

We welcome our new drummer to the group, Scott Kohler.  As some might recall, we had a bit of a revolving drummer position. This was not because we couldn't decide on one. It was because the best players in town were all too busy to take it on full time. So we had a bevy of drummers that knew our stuff and could step in and do the job.  

Please sign up to our mailing list, and we will keep you updated as things progress.  We are looking forward to see you soon.

Vince, Dennis, Jim, J.T., and Scott



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